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Coil winding machine controller containing step motor drive, DC motor speed control, electrical gearing capacity, brake power supply
and easy to read interface in one fully integrated enclosure.

Main Features:

  1. Single chip microprocessor design, speeds up calculations process and improves controller's resistance to external electromagnetic distortion commonly found in factory enviroment.
  2. Enough memory to store 1000 steps of winding data. Each step includes 8 winding parameters (start point, bobbin width, pitch, number of turns, slow start, end high speed, low speed) and 5 options (winding direction, traversing direction, automatic start, automatic traverse position and end of layer stop).
  3. Programs can be sequentially arranged, allowing for complicated multi step coil projects.
  4. Programming and reading data is pleasant and easy, thanks to properly and ergonomically designed interface.
  5. The controller design leaves room for add-ons , additional features and future development.